Cinebooth Films


14th July


Neville is Dead

directed by Louis Paxton

Runtime: 15 mins

Neville is Magnus’ best friend, but there’s a twist: Neville can’t die. Magnus, a young boy, navigates life with his invisible friend Neville by his side. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Neville might represent something deeper. This touching short film explores the profound journey of a child learning to move forward without the need for an invisible friend.


directed by Ben Kent

Runtime: 10:38 mins

Jasmine has a dark past, but an even darker, more powerful gift… she just doesn’t know it yet. When released from foster care, Jasmine finds herself haunted by visions she can’t explain, and wants answers.

Big Ears

directed by Sam Baron

Runtime: 12:56 mins

A struggling actor finds a lump on his testicle and is forced to confront his life choices.

Are You Awake?

directed by Gabriel Caste

Runtime: 11:01 mins

In this psychological thriller, Dale (Ellyn Jameson) is a detached woman who earns a living by waking strangers up in the morning.

Satan Has a Bushy Tail

directed by Louis Paxton

Runtime: 15:00 mins

A heartwarming tale of a reclusive man urged to step out of his comfort zone by an inner voice speaking through an old red British telephone.