Cinebooth Films


14th March

Arthouse Cinema, 8.30PM

Tall dark and handsome

directed by Sam Baron

Runtime: 13:59 mins

A comedy about a man who discovers his girlfriend has a history of dating Indian men and can’t shake it off.

A Moral Man

directed by Simon & Paul Wade

Runtime: 18:50 mins

A right-to-die evangelist wrestles with his faith and morality when he is asked to assist in the death of a woman who is not terminally ill.


directed by Xóchitl

Runtime: 15 mins

Catalina submits to the tradition of her people, “La Baláhna”, to demonstrate her purity and worth as a woman to her beloved, but her body betrays her and she fails to demonstrate her chastity. What future awaits Catalina in the face of a syncretic love that rejects her?

The Border

directed by Norman Tamkivi

Runtime: 23:13 mins

After a global nuclear war, Britain is split into two: a devastated south and a surviving north. Refugees carrying a deadly virus seek shelter up north, prompting troops to intervene. Captain Thomas Scott, mourning his losses, mentors a young soldier grappling with moral dilemmas. When Thomas uncovers unsettling truths, he faces a tough choice: obey orders or follow his conscience.


directed by François Joseph & Rémi Dumas

Runtime: 14:29 mins

FRANJO watches TRISTAN’s dog, which dies due to a mishap. To cover up, he claims the dog ran away and places its body in a suitcase to bury it. While transporting the suitcase, he’s assisted by a stranger who unknowingly takes off with it, believing it to contain jewels.