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Our Cinema History

We Believe In Big Screen Moments For Compact Masterpieces!

We began hosting screening and networking events for independent filmmakers in London, transforming blank canvas venues into vibrant spaces. Providing our own roll-up projection screen, projector, bartenders, and chefs, we crafted a fabulous atmosphere in our unique style. With free entry, a warm family vibe, and innovative ideas, our popularity surged, attracting more “Cineboothers.” Transitioning to cinemas for superior screen quality marked the next exciting chapter in our story.

History on our previous events

Cinemas we appeared in

We’ve been fortunate to showcase films on prestigious screens, like the grand hall of “Genesis” cinema. The thrill of seeing short films, even from our loyal event regulars, on such big screens was unmatched. Cinemas like “Everyman” added to the experience, offering our “Cineboothers” comfy sofas for a true luxury film screening event and as of recent we’re delighted to partner with Arthouse Cinema, hosting bi-monthly events in an area boasting many successful filmmakers and actors in London.


conquering milestones

We’re thrilled by our journey—hosting numerous events, expanding our audience to +5000 “cineboothers”, filling 300-seat cinema rooms at over 25 events. Rather than flexing, we invite you to join us. Submit, spread the word, or be part of the team. 





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